Tuesday, November 12, 2013

the year of the linux desktop

as the numbers come out, saying that android now has 80% marketshare or something, i had a thought.

its the year of the linux phone.

and the people responsible for this actually have another project going on..ChromeOS. Maybe the people who’re smart enough to make this the year of the linux phone are smart enough to do it to the desktop as well? i hear chromebooks are already often in the top 5 best sellers’ lists on amazon. at the very least hp, samsung and acer are already making them. maybe in a while most pc/laptop manufacturers would be making chromebooks, much like how most phone manufacturers are making android phones..

personally the main reason i wont be switching away from windows is..skyrim/fallout/oblivion/dragonage/witcher/civ/galciv/etc dont run on linux.

but another firm is trying to fix that. and their SteamOS is already out. whats left is for them to persuade the developers to make linux versions of their games. and these people also have had practice. much like how Google had it with android. Steam recently had more users than xbox live, and maybe just like how they persuaded game developers to use Steam to distribute their games, they could persuade them to develop for linux too..

once all my games play on a Steam Machine , i’d be far less concerned with what a Chromebook or box cannot do..and maybe webgl/nacl/emscripten would let me play most games in chrome..and maybe do everything else that my pc is now doing as well..

then perhaps that’ll be my year of the linux desktop.

from Lizard’s Ghost http://ghost-lizard.rhcloud.com/the-year-of-the-linux-desktop/


the year of the linux desktop

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