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the last generation cannot make it

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Here are some scattered observations and opinions as somebody in this generation. I’m basically just dumping gut feelings here–don’t expect a lot of well-written explanations.

There is not a lot worth buying that is long-lasting. – Most everything feels mass-produced and cheap, and the things that aren’t are pretty obviously marketed at people trying to buck that trend. I don’t want to pay 10x more for something without getting that increase in quality, and the fact is that I won’t get it.

There is no reason to trust the banks. – They’re a bunch of fucking crooks, and the smaller the bank (or credit union) the less room they have to be crooks.

Credit rating is bogeyman. Ever since I was old enough to spend money I was told to worry about my credit rating, and to take out credit cards, and do all that other stuff. These messages occurred at about the same time we saw everyone getting hammered over credit-card debt, and heard the Republicans chest-beating over sound fiscal policy. It’s plainly obvious that you aren’t expected to actually be fiscally sound–otherwise why would they keep flooding you with credit invitations?

Cars are expensive and limited in utility. – Insurance rates are high despite companies never actually helping you when you need it, gas is expensive as hell and is clearly being gamed in the commodities market, and commuting is bullshit as white-collar work becomes either redundant or distributed.

Our parents set our city planning up for failure. – I live in the fourth-largest and sprawliest metropolitan area in North America (Houston). Every decent improvement is blocked by some greedy Boomer sonovabitch whose business or view would be mildly inconvenienced by the impact of construction. We have food deserts, and suburbs actively designed to discourage walking.

Our government doesn’t care about us. – Nobody in my generation believes that Social Security or Mediwhatever will still be around to support us in our old age. Nobody believes that our vote matters, that the politicians sitting in office will kowtow to anybody who won’t pay for a fucking dinner or make a fucking donation.

Our government not only doesn’t care about us, it schemes to make things worse. – Because the Boomers and Generation X are still considered important, their views and more importantly fears are turned into policy. This gives us the TSA, crazy FDA regs, patent trolling, and all sorts of barriers to progress.

Our companies don’t care about us. – Congratulations, we’re all contract workers now. Pensions? Hah. Healthcare? Cheapest we can justify. Vacation? Go fuck yourself you needy snowflake. No loyalty, nada, and they expect that they can reach you on the phone or email at all times.

We don’t believe in advertising. – We’ve had so much marketed to us for so long so pervasively that we genuinely do not respond to advertising. It’s a developed blind spot, and with the social tools we have available we see no need to be advertised to–we know what we want, and can just search for it.

We don’t believe in the police. – Police are pretty obviously not policing neighborhoods and aren’t on the beat–they’re chaotic actors who get involved and always always always make things worse. The news is filled with stories of DAs fucking over little guys, of state troopers harassing innocent drivers to raise a buck, of SWAT teams kicking in homes and shooting dogs.

We don’t believe in the news. – It’s become easier than ever to find different coverage on the same stories, and to spot patterns in news-speak. Every talking head sounds the same, and the news is always obviously slanted to one side or the other. There is no journalistic integrity anymore, there is nothing in the mainstream news we can trust.

We believe in each other. – The sheer amount of fakeness delivered through ads and bullshit mass media has made us very interested in “real” things, in hanging out with our friends, in starting families. It’s not that we’re self-centered–it’s that so much of the rest of the world is presented through some exploitative nostalgia that we hold it suspect.

from Lizard’s Ghost


the last generation cannot make it

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