Thursday, December 27, 2012

what is emotion?

1. what is going on about?
  • Security – safe territory and an environment which allows full maturity and development

i dont get at all. is this physical security? i think i've never lacked this?

  • Attention (to give and receive it) – a form of "mental nutrition"

why? what for? discourse i can grok. if there is no discourse then why? for what?

  • Sense of autonomy and control – having volition to make responsible choices

i strongly believe in this. sense only. i give up about real autonomy and control already.

  • Being emotionally connected to others

no idea what this is.

  • Feeling part of a wider community

i start by assuming i don't belong

  • Friendship and intimacy with someone who is accepting of the total person, flaws included

yea, i don't mind much i guess? but i can only kill time with discourse...

  • Privacy – opportunity to reflect and consolidate experience

i find this important. at least the sense of it. real one i also give up already.

  • Sense of status within social groupings

i assume none

  • Sense of competence and achievement

i assume none

  • Meaning and purpose

have given up

2. or am i suppose to follow this script somehow?

3. no shit..whats my script?

4. ???

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