Monday, December 3, 2012

they look fine enough..
cube 2, actually foss engine..
same game engine
quake engine(Dark Places) based, was nexuiz..
quake engine(ioquake) based..
id tech 2, and got android version..
i really wonder,because i don't play fps, whats the diff between these and quake mods(
multiplayer arena RTS..
at least a dozen games using this engine.including
an alternative, was originally released commercially
need for speed?
truck version..
i enjoyed master of orion!
a more involved version?
i might still enjoy Diablo 1...
better than old Age Of Empires?
civ 2?
or simcity 2/3000?
i'm not really understaning why morrowind needs a foss version..for me, morrowind is already plenty moddable..what exactly is the problem? and
from the blender foundation or have some association with it;sintel looks a little undeveloped still but yo!frankie! looks finished..

unfortunately and
are multiplayer only.. planeshift looks a bit more dated.. but ryzom does paid subscriptions...oh well...

of the entire lot, it looks to me like the FPS stuff look the most modern. 
maybe its idtech..but the cube engine looks even better?
actually,in fact,given how much like a FPS is something like oblivion/skyrim/fallout/newvegas, why not something like openmw but based on something like cube2? wouldn't that give us a foss skyrim alternative? hopefully with more total conversions than spring and as many mods as the current morrowind/oblivion/skyrim/fallout/newvegas.....

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