Thursday, December 13, 2012

saucelabs Free!

free for Free projects..

and 2 interesting services to lookup contacts with...

and er, about the goldman sachs report about ms, as referred in , i wonder what they smoking at goldman sachs. ms is the biggest firm in desktop. and huge in servers. its also huge on consoles. and sizeable in embedded. perhaps terrible at mobile phones/tablets. and i suspect they're growing in all areas.
and mobile phones/tablets is only 15% of web usage. i.e. far more people use desktops than phones/tablets to access the internet.
and phones and tablets are full of 99 cent stuff while desktops and servers are full of Office, Exchange, Sharepoint and CALs that cost real money.
and if what on earth is a 'computing device'? graphing calculators? how come 'compute' is not weighted but instead counted per-device?
if we're gonna count per-device instead of weighted compute, where is wind river systems(vxworks)?
also, if we're going to count Google as an OS vendor, then lets add all the *ixes, because what is Android but AOSP with a brand name? and AOSP is just another *ix.

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