Thursday, December 6, 2012

it looks good but..

optimally i'll run for myself since its integrated with dd-wrt..i can use a variety of hardware and have much more control and often dd-wrt allows tweaking the hardware for more performance..

failing that i'd try which once upon a time was based on chillispot, which is what hotspotsystem would've been once upon a time too..and they've been doing this exact thing for a long time already and have more hardware to choose from and the hardware looks more flexible too...

yes i just ran across
and my first question was, why must you lock it in to your own hardware? ask the dd-wrt devs to roll your solution into dd-wrt and i might consider running it.
need not even be dd-wrt. openwrt or tomato is ok too. but dd-wrt probably works with the widest range of hardware now.

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