Friday, November 16, 2012

In a discussion about the unsubscribe button

You'd better hope that I unsubscribe. Because that's just a signal to you that I don't want what you're sending.
If I get really pissed off, I will go look up what else you've sent. Who else is complaining. Where you're hosted. How you got my address.
And then I start complaining. Not to you. To your webhosting company. To your email hoster. To your upstream network vendors. All of them have AUPs that say "you won't use our service to send spam".
And on a bad day for you, they listen. They see the complaint from me. They actually investigate. And maybe my complaint is the one that suggests to them that you aren't paying enough to be worth this aggravation.
Don't send spam. If you're going to send me email, we had better have an existing relationship where I actually handed you my email address and positively clicked on "Please send me email about stuff you think is going to interest me", or you had best be sending me a personal email written by a person expressly to me about a specific subject.

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