Wednesday, November 14, 2012

i'm left with bluetooth here...

shitty xp+intel 2200bg can only present adhoc. shitty android can only connect to infrastructure.
shitty 'tethering' assume internet from phone only.
now i want phone to use internet from laptop.

1. changed wpa_supplicant in /system/bin
- failed to detect any network
2. edited wpa_suplicant in /system/etc/wifi
- didnt do squat

i think have to 'flash' a 'patch'...which i am reluctant. maybe brick radio permanently if i do scary.

3. run 'reverse usb tether'
- after get ip the tethered connection disconnected

4. run 'usb tunnel'
- pc side cannot see the phone, nevermind connect to it, never mind setup tunnels and adding proxies...

5. olsr is dependent on 1 or 2 working anyways.

6. serval currently only do voice. and no xp version.

7. opengarden may be able to do it via bluetooth.

at home i had a slightly different problem, albeit a far smaller one.
1. hotspotsystem signup
2. turn on hotspotsystem in ddwrt
3. no ip
4. give up. its not like there's tourists who want to use my wifi while they visit teban.  its not even like i gonna use my wifi from downstairs...or is it?

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