Wednesday, November 7, 2012

if you haven't come across uber yet, look them up, really..
1.You define the location parameters; zip codes, radius around store locations, counties, commuter routes, areas without billboards or transit, shopping centers.
2.We match you to adverCars who's daily routes, or parking locations 
meet your specific requirements.
3.Your branded adverCar fleet saturates your target area for duration of the campaign
4.adverCar can provide real-time or post-campaign commuter data, and impressions analysis from GPS units assigned to fleets.

SideCar is moving transportation in a big, sustainable, community-driven direction -- one ride at a time. Whether you’re ready to fill your car's empty seats with new friends or need to get across town in a hurry, SideCar connects you with just the person to help you out.

Drive for Lyft and make money being the ‘friend with a car’

1 List your car online in just a few minutes. The more love you put into the profile, the more business you’ll get.
2 You’re notified of and get to approve of any reservation requests. You’re in charge of who can drive your car.
3 Meet the renter to hand them your keys and check their driver’s license.
4 Sit back and count your cash! No need to worry as RelayRides is keeping your car safe with our insurance, while also handling billing and roadside support for you.
5 The renter will return your car at the end of her trip. Don’t forget to say thanks when you leave a review and to keep your car in tip-top shape to ensure repeat business.

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