Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How about dedicated?

ridiculously cheap 10 pounds/mth atom with 2gb ram and 500gb hdd..this is the price of a 512 at linode!

language impaired, but almost can match the ovh, via nano instead of atom, 160gb hdd, same price..
yet another language impaired one..what's up with the french and small dedicated servers?

stupidly cheap big dedicated hw..8 core opteron, 32gb ram, 2x2tb hdd for less than us$100

a bit more than that, at 109 pounds/mth, will up that to core i7, 64gb ram, 2x3tb...or you can try your luck at their spot market for the lower specced ones...https://robot.your-server.de/order/market

on totally separate note..if we're still comparing with the smaller ovh stuff..http://volumedrive.com/vdrive/?a=vps is really attractive...starting at 1gb ram, 50gb hdd, 2ghz cpu for us$5/mth going up to 4gb ram, 4ghz cpu, 150gb hdd for us$15...but i hear that its best that one don't run mail there...

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