Friday, September 28, 2012

is mail is broken or not???

its broken?
(its a bit like outlook, actually...)

or its actually quite useful?
(1 time email link to login instead of pwd)

Grove bought by one of their users...

i no use for such a service..
but their blog nice..

i got no idea about chip designs, except i imagine power consumption is strongly correlated with work done..but here's an opinion on the new intel..

its really based on google now?
and nokia india has this?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

optimizing for happiness

The first (and most important) thing we had going for us was a product that sells itself. With an unwavering focus on building the best products possible, we're in a wonderful position that 99% of our customers require very little handholding. People just want to use GitHub, so we make it easy to pay for it, and essentially get out of their way.

hosting stuff on cute....

fairly amazing stuff.
note there's not just square. got quite a few of them now.

so cute.

grep --universe might be a better shortcut ;)

and maybe i'll try this some time..sounds fairly cool.


new varieties of the distributed universal message bus...

haz WP plugin..
and drupal module:
related activitystreams server..
activitysteam demo..


wordpress does 15Gbit/s using nginx, not f5.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

All you have to do is ask!

Nubia Baptiste had spent some 665 days at her Washington, D.C., public school by the time she walked into second period on March 27, 2012. She was an authority on McKinley Technology High School. She knew which security guards to befriend and where to hide out to skip class (try the bleachers). She knew which teachers stayed late to write college recommendation letters for students; she knew which ones patrolled the halls like guards in a prison yard, barking at kids to disperse.
If someone had asked, she could have revealed things about her school that no adult could have known. Once Nubia got talking, she had plenty to say. But until that morning of her senior spring, no one had ever asked.

 On Wednesday, Sean Carroll blogged about and brought to light the research from Yale that had scientists presented with application materials from a student applying for a lab manager position and who intended to go on to graduate school. Half the scientists were given the application with a male name attached, and half were given the exact same application with a female name attached. Results found that the “female” applicants were rated significantly lower than the “males” in competence, hireability, and whether the scientist would be willing to mentor the student.

decentralized? peer to peer?

so it'll be a bit like xmpp with voice and video and can do from browser via js instead of needing a separate xmpp client then? like ? except they use linkedin for users.

in other news, since , and , and and are already workable.. why don't whatsapp just give up and let me i use a standard xmpp client to connect???!!!!!

and some more other news..
cloudant on google spanner...
its the tarsnap dude. i think he's been thinking very hard about glacier...and kind enough to release that for public consumption.....

Friday, September 21, 2012

decentralized vs self-hosted

given twitter's recent api policy changes and ifttt's reaction to it, i'm a little intrigued, not by, but by
only to recall that we all already have a decentralized group messaging system called mailing lists...which'd already survived a major attempt at replacement via rss/atom.

then i saw
and could not figure out at all what its about. they seem to be exactly like retroshare, except they encrypt folders and they handle the mail bit, while retroshare encrypts files and builds in claws mail.

and then...i explored the theme further and found , which...!!! , even mounts , but unfortunately it doesn't do sharing or collaboration. but its intriguing nonetheless.

finally, an eye on the progress of git-annex-assistant...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

eeerily similiar...

read so much like

that i suspected it was a hoax..

then i saw

which suffered not just from being French but also from being Free....

while suffers from being er..greek? hebrew?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

so vmware not scale up/out anymore???

stolen from /.:

initial problem:
All I've gathered is that it's The Next Big Thing (tm) and deals with The Cloud (tm). According to them anyway.

someone explains:
Your explanation is in the right direction but there's an essential part missing. What makes Openstack a cloud platform? It's a cloud because it can run cloud applications. These are ~ new type of applications that are aware they're running in a cloud. Just like classic enterprise apps deployed in an app server, cloud applications are coded against an API, provided by Openstack. The API is designed so that the app can benefit from various services, like structured data storage, but it's also designed to enforce apps that can scale well, with little changes, to very large number of servers. Current apps can't do that in a cost effective manner and that's why a cloud of applications is something that is very valuable for someone looking to build things like the next Youtube, GMail or Dropbox but without Google's unlimited money and human resources supply.
All that the current VMware toolchain can provide is a cloud of virtual machines. You would be hard pressed to find a whole datacenter running on VMware while also running a single application in all the virtual machines.
Amongst almost all the other cloud platforms currently on the rise, Openstack is a darling because it promises to have an open API for those cloud apps. This is of tremendous importance to avoid the mother of all vendor lockins. Currently you can't have an app built for one cloud platform and then move it to another cloud. If you build an app for Microsoft's Azure cloud platform you know you won't be able to move it to Google's App Engine or Amazon's Elastic Cloud without running the huge risk of trying to rewrite the app. With an app running on Openstack, you could run it on your own servers for a while and then move it to some Openstack cloud provider. And if you are not happy with that provider after a while, you can switch to another one, etc.

even better:

"If OpenStack isn't an alternative to VMware, then what the hell is it? "
OpenStack is basically an operating system for large clusters. It exposes it's system api's as REST interfaces you can call over http.
It's components are:
Nova: handles compute resources, such as VM's (work is underway to handle bare-metal provisioning, too), These can be provided by many hypervisors, such as XenServer, KVM, HyperV and VMWare, or containers like LXC. Nova handles resource allocation across the cluster of hosts. When you ask for a VM/container of a certain compute capacity, it finds a host with available resources and sets up a VM. Think of it like Linux's process scheduler and process management functions.

Glance: handles metadata about VM images, and acts as a 'pump' to schlep images to/from storage.
Swift: object store. Someone likened it to a key/value store. Similar, but it is designed to handle large data values (whole files, including multi GB server images) in a fault tolerant fashion. (it replicates your data 3 times on separate hardware in the cluster.) ala S3.
Keystone: identity management. Handles user authentication, multi-user accounts, and information on what users can do. Think PAM/kerberos.
Cinder: Block storage. Handles allocating block (ie iSCSI) devices you can mount filesystems on.
Quantum: Handles virtualized networks between VM's. Basically sets up private tunnels between VM's
Plus web admin gui's for above (Horizon), and all of the admin tools for the operators of the cluster(s) to check who's using what, etc.
Basically, if you you need, say, 3 webheads running CentOS with 2gb of ram, a DB server with 16gb and an attached 500gb storage array, a Windows server, and a private network between those, Openstack is what lets you make a REST call (or click a few buttons in a web gui that then makes the call) and, if you have authorization to request that, and resources are available, it will give you that.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

si mi sai? damn intrigueing!
skypipe -> pipe across the sky!
so cute!
another git as a filesystem thing..
hey this may be good..better, from my point of view, than...
which is pretty nice...
u could actually roll your own, independent of milters and sieve, with inotify and sh, i guess...?

and ya...auth again...
using phone as unique id
yet another 2fa

and lastly..
si mi sai? damn intrigueing!

Orwell Rolls in his Grave (Full 3HR Documentary) by WarCrime911

do you use whatsapp?

i can't be bothered really. unless all my contacts are willing to talk on my ejabberd server or something. or we all switch to some sort of mesh client. meanwhile, i don't say anything important enough...

Grove shutting down October 13

it was a fairly interesting idea actually. irc is something tried and tested. open source projects large and small use it, gamers use it, even the anonymous use it. it just needed a veneer of respectability(like perhaps bittorrent and direct connect need). and they provided that, as well as the convenience of hosting and their web ui. and i believe they weren't totally unsuccessful in the sense that nobody used the service. they had a somewhat famous serial startup founder and lots of PR.

although the collaboration genre is crowded, what they charged for essentially running irc is quite alot. so its possible to make money.

yet its over.

again and again, it makes me think... nobody else runs things at your convenience. your electricity supply, isp, colo provider, hosting provider, cloud provider..none of them run things at your convenience. in fact, most of them are actively thinking of ways to make sure you'd be inconvenienced as much as possible , at their convenience - i.e. vendor lock in. i think there is a scale. where the more bog vanilla standard it is, the less likely that you're going to end up inconvenienced by the supplier. i.e if you ran your own ircd on a vps its probably trivial to migrate elsewhere if the vps provider decided to shut shop or double their prices in 2 weeks.

but you'd not have the nice web interface that grove provided.

however, you may not have come across

Friday, September 14, 2012

evernote does ocr actually...but how to automate it?
i thought this was pretty that it was a niche that was hard to do and they're adding a convenience to their existing customers..

then i wondered if would do ocr.. but it could only convert pdf to text...

i wondered, given the existence of , ,, , ,,  and  !!!

why couldn't some nice service OCR scanned stuff that you dump into dropbox or google drive?

we need something to automate this...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a response to

there's another route. break down what you want to do and you can basically get it done for free. For example:
1. requisition an Amazon EC2 instance for me.
No other steps.
then a tech guy on IRC will do it for $5. Next, you want to get someone to do the following. I need a programmer to put a plain rails installation on my amazon ec2 instance.
1. Install rails on my amazon server.
No other steps, no configuration.
Then someone from IRC will do it for you, shittily, for $10.
Next, you want to do the hard part. "I need someone to create a page in my rails installation that says Enter your email address in the box below. It doesn't have to work. Like this:
Requirements doc:
1. The following code translated into a rails app that doesn't have to do anything:
There are no other requirements.
Someone will do it for you for $5. Next you would say:
"I need to get this rails form working." and link to the page showing the non-working form.
Requirements doc.
1. Whenever a user submits their name and address on the following rails page __________ it should be added to a database connected to rails.
There are no other requirements.
Someone on IRC will do it for $10.
Next you would requisition a non-working table of other names who have used that field. Next you requisition someone to get the table working.
Next you requisition a change from "name and email address" to the REAL point of your form. Maybe you're building an online trading platform where people can enter information about collectable turds, and you will be monetizing this.
Requirements doc.
1. Change "name" and "email address" to two different fields I give you, keeping the application working.
No other requirements.
Someone will do it for you for $10.
In this way you can boil the chicken slowly, and by the time you've blown through $85 you'll have a complete turd-trading platform with built-in recurring billing and a % commission your turd platform takes on every transaction.
Yes, not everyone can pull it off. Your main risk is that you have to kind of screen the fifty-sixty programmers who will be comming in and out of your amazon instance.
But with a little dedication, you can pretty much get unlimited work for free and get to keep 100% of it. The point is to only do one super-simple thing at a time.
I guess you have to have some technical understanding of what's happening behind the scenes to pull this off though. Maybe enroll in a quick seminar :)
Good luck with your turd platform.


Monday, September 10, 2012

so what do big people use, winbind?

Likewise sold their 'lets all use AD' stuff to BeyondTrust back in 2011 focus on storage...
and then sold the remainder to EMC later..

Backed with $27 million from Ignition Partners, Trinity Ventures and others, Crist admitted that Likewise consumed too much capital in the first years as he stubbornly focused on a technology that helped Windows administrators easily manage Linux servers.
“That idea ended up not being as fruitful as we had hoped,” said Crist. “We spent too much time there and burned too much capital. In the end, we burned $12 million on the wrong idea.”
Likewise was gaining customers for its Linux server management product, but Crist said the deal size was just too small and each customer needed extra hand holding, making it hard to scale.
“I was too stubborn. We just kept putting our shoulder into it, and we were getting deceived by customer traction,” said Crist, adding that Likewise gained an OEM deal with both IBM and Novell. “We hung in there too long. We should have pulled the plug and pivoted earlier.”

i no license and no money to buy car anyway. but this came to me while daydreaming.

say im looking for a car. ask u whats good. u say civic hybrid. i ask, whats so special about it compared to all the other cars on the road. u say, its fairly cheap for a hybrid. i say, hybrid, whats so great about that? diesel also get same mileage. but i still go see honda showroom. then i talk to sales mgr. dun like his tone/face.

so when i see u again, i ask again. hey i'm looking for a car. u ask. what sort of car? i say, u propose la, i'm open to ideas.

so u say, how about toyota corolla? best selling car in the world, so many ppl use. cannot go wrong one.
or volkswagen up! , world car of the year? or audi a7, international car of the year?

then i say. hey how about a kangoo? usually also only driver and 1 pax. if more ppl, can actually sit in the back also, correct? how would u compare the kangoo to lets say the corolla or the civic hybrid?

u say. kangoo not quite so comfy at the back if seat more than 2, and manual only. and commercial vehicle. and commercial vehicle insurance.

ah. i say. but i only want 4 wheels and can carry pax. most of the time 2ppl only anyway. and it is good for carrying large bulky items. and its diesel almost as fuel efficient as hybrid. and the kangoo so cheap, i can zhng it my favourite shade of fuchsia, add sideskirts and sports rims, change to recaro seats and leather steering wheel, and the back got space to put some big-ass vacuum tube amp and 12in woofer..and still got change left, compared to those car of the year. and i found a dealer i like too! tell u what, i buy kangoo.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

in the end its the clearest option... , friend of webmin , seems to be the easiest to install/ clearest in what its doing. i have zero idea what to do with fcgid, but can use mod_php actually. so all still good.

zpanel came close, but i had no idea what was preventing php from working as i expected it to..
otherwise, ftp, html pages, and mail were ok.
kloxo seems to be even more convoluted, vhosts already not functioning..
too much stuff to figure out how they work, how they work different from standard, and how to make it work like standard/i expect it to..

haven't yet tried the other friend of webmin, usermin..

Thursday, September 6, 2012

awk could be worse than regex, i wouldn't know..

a jamie zawinski originated this apparenty, refering to perl :

Some people, when confronted with a problem, think “I know,
I'll use regular expressions.”  Now they have two problems.

but apparently it originated from a d. tilbrook...

“Whenever faced with a problem, some people say `Lets use AWK.'
  Now, they have two problems.” -- D. Tilbrook

i suppose if you're hip and cloudy then you don't have to ask what're these...

no i dunno what exactly they are. got the impression they're in a similiar space to puppet and chef. but can't tell from the site..too unhip and uncloudy...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

naked pics on whatsapp!

yea, i send pics of my fish all the time!

i have...
1. main display tank
- gold/orange discus, koi angel, glass cat fish, ghost knife, 2 kinds of cory, butterfly loach, yoyo loach, clown loach, hatchet fish,small black pleco with white polka dots, 3 other unidentified cichlids, bamboo shrimp, and a baby tire track eel.

2. bigger evil tank
- silver aro, soon hock, rainbow snakehead, climbing perch, ropefish, pleco

3. a few smaller order of decreasing size...
- neon tetra, black tetra, kuhli loach, pygmy cory, bumblebee goby, malayan color shrimp
- marbled crayfish, bettas
- boraras brigittae, vampire crab, yellow shrimp
- galaxy danio,
- endler guppy, sakura shrimp

4. and a salty tank
- hermit crab, camel shrimp, bicolor blenny, royal dottyback, nemo

Toothbrush saves the ISS...
nice grease they got too, that dun boil off instantly in space...

background to the problem:
the actual thing:
more on 2FA. via google authenticator, totp, duo, radius or barada..

rather different from vagrant, but in a way similiar...
sounds easier than
whats this?
aiyoh! got free tier!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

what if my cloud got stolen by the police?

back last june, FBI stole a instapaper server..

yesterday/today, we find that..

  During the second week of March 2012, a Dell Vostro notebook, used by
  Supervisor Special Agent Christopher K. Stangl from FBI Regional Cyber Action
  Team and New York FBI Office Evidence Response Team was breached using the
  AtomicReferenceArray vulnerability on Java, during the shell session some files
  were downloaded from his Desktop folder one of them with the name of
  "NCFTA_iOS_devices_intel.csv" turned to be a list of 12,367,232 Apple iOS
  devices including Unique Device Identifiers (UDID), user names, name of device,
  type of device, Apple Push Notification Service tokens, zipcodes, cellphone
  numbers, addresses, etc.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

last words to my small success

its not hard to get a machine with half decent specs(2gb ram?). and if you have the budget for that, you might as well go on and pay for a real, user-friendly, mail server. i got one in mind..kerio. or if you're some sort of curious el cheapo, try hmail on windows. and perhaps afterlogic webmail lite for the webmail bit.

on the other hand. if you're this particular kind of el cheapo who got a machine with 128mb ram, then u may run into issues... not only nice antispam like mxhero won't start, Xeams won't either. shit. now you got no easy way to run a bloody mail server. roughly, is a life saver. i don't have much ram, so never followed what every other guide is saying, which is to run sasl. and don't bother with 'cos its updating and reading different tables/rows from whats in the linode library guide. nor do the postfixadmin provide their own. 

after giving up on , i still have the problem of not wanting to interact with the setup via mysql cli. which then lead me to phpmyadmin. which since version 3 worked only for php 5.2 and above. centos 5 has 5.1.6, i think. but this is rather easier, since theres maybe half a dozen 3rd party repos with the desired php versions. any will do. 

now its humming along with ~100mb ram in use..nice. and yea, spamcheck, my other el cheapo favourite, runs steady at ~300mb ram on another machine and its even got the copperegg agent on it(i haven't tried on my 128mb machine yet)... but if you've got enough ram to run java, its way easier to just use mxhero and Xeams. 

Inside the White House: Beer Brewing by whitehouse

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi - Official Trailer [HD] by trailers