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so clever i could cry
this probably inspired the episode in the jap drama with the ballpoint pen op..

actually the story came from and my fav bits are..

I have heard someone tell a story about that happening once. They said that the cabin crew announced that they would be playing a game; they would call out an item, and give a free drink to the first person who could find that in their carry on. The first couple of items were fairly standard things; "a fountain pen", "a camera", etc. Then they got to "a commercial pilots license". Someone actually did raise their hand, and the cabin crew escorted them up to the cockpit.There was never any problem with the flight, and he never found out what happened. Probably something like the co-pilot had a problem that prevented them from continuing to act as the co-pilot, and they wanted to maintain sufficient redundancy just in case.

Dove 11 hours ago | link

My dad, an electrical engineer, was once on his way back from a conference with a Concorde flight full of other EEs. In the air, the stewardess asked, "Is there an engineer on board?" Everyone responded enthusiastically. She was forced to clarify, "Is there an aeronautical engineer on board," to disappointment all around.I must admit, some secret part of me always hopes I'll be in a situation on an airplane where they need an emergency perl script written . . .
cperciva 6 hours ago | link

I must admit, some secret part of me always hopes I'll be in a situation on an airplane where they need an emergency perl script writtenOn a flight from Sydney to Vancouver earlier this year, the in-flight entertainment system on my plane was broken. I spoke up: "Hi, I have a doctorate in computer science and I know a bit about these systems... want me to take a look?"I was surprised when they agreed, brought me up to the front galley, and showed me their interface to the entertainment system (alas, the server itself was in the ceiling and not accessible). I ended up pulling out my laptop, borrowing a cat5 cable from one of the flight attendants (all of mine were in my checked suitcase) and running tcpdump on the plane's network. Alas, while that allowed me to diagnose the problem, I lacked the serial cable needed to connect to the server's console and wasn't able to fix it.
benth 2 hours ago | link

Don't leave us hanging :) What was the problem?reply


I used to work with a consultant paediatric neurologist who had the call go out on a trans-pacific flight for a heart problem. She was hesitating before responding because the last time she had anything to do with hearts or adults was in medical school 20 years earlier, and was frantically running through what she could remember of cardiac medicine. Just as she made up her mind to respond she was beaten to the response... by a cardiologist.


omegant 13 hours ago | link

I have had several medical emergencies onboard as a pilot. One thing I constantly say to physician friends (my wife is a doctor), is that we (the crew) expect from them to make as fast assessment of the situation as possible.For example in my company we don´t have an online doctor to ask for help, so the volunteer has to take care of the situation. Recognizing the problem as soon as possible and prescribing the necessary action (Is not going to be easy with such limited capabilities, sometimes is just impossible, but is better an overreaction), is important because commercial planes fly at 8 NM/minute, and depending where are you flying ( flying over the ocean or africa) 10 minute delays could mean another 30 extra min to land or even several hours if you have passed a no return point in the middle of the ocean.
Don´t hesitate to take control of the situation regarding the patient, stewardesses and other passengers:
- Ask for the medikit (only physicians are allowed to use it). I have seen some chief stewardess resisting to bring it, just to avoid having to write the compulsory report. - If it is necessary to lay the passenger on the ground or other seats, bring him water or any other thing, just give the needed orders and ask for help. - Ask the stewardesses to keep other passengers away if they are interfering too much. - As soon as practicable give a report to the captain and if necessary ask him to land the plane. He will be waiting for it. - If possible never declare a decease onboard , first you could be wrong!, and it is a bureaucratic mess. Is better to keep trying CPR till the emergency team can take care of the patient. We apply this in Europe although it is not a written rule, I don´t know how it works in USA. -Remember when in doubt it is better to ask the captain to land. Everybody will lose an hour or two but a live will probably be saved.


niels_olson 13 hours ago | link

As a physician, thank you for this. Is there a standard medkit load out?reply
omegant 11 hours ago | link

There is an ICAO recomended kit list, but usually is more extensive than that, I have our company list (I'll search it and post it later) but trying to find if there is a more general one. Now a days there are also automatic defribilators (spelling?) in transoceanic planes. There should be some kind of general briefing for physicians, from airlines and medical asociations.reply
niels_olson 11 hours ago | link

I believe this document has the current ICAO med kit. Interestingly, I work with the guys who draw up these supply lists for naval ships, and we're chopping one now. Will definitely include this in the discussion. I really hope you can send me your company list.
omegant 6 hours ago | link

I found something better than my company list, this is IATA medical manual. It is much more extensive, and it covers almost everything related with health and flight. But you can find the recommended kit in the SECTION 6 passenger care, APPENDIX B. I suppose it will be of more interest for you.I must also say that when there is a person onboard with high fiver or symptoms of a contagious disease, in the USA you have to notify to the authorities (the Federal and State Quarantine and Isolation Authority I think) immediately. I didn´t know it before I read the manual as I am not currently doing intercontinental flights.
FireBeyond 10 hours ago | link

Interesting - this is essentially an ALS (Advanced Life Support / Paramedic) bag.reply
eric_bullington 1 hour ago | link

Minus a laryngoscope and other vital airway kit items. Although I couldn't imagine trying to use one on the aisle of an aircraft, I'm sure there are many paramedics, anesthesiologists, and ER nurses and physicians who wouldn't hesitate if one were needed. All there appears to be for airway support are oropharyngeal airways. That's surprising and in my opinion (as someone with long-expired EMT training), unfortunate. The same goes for AEDs. A $2000 kit that could save someone's live from being claimed from the most common group of disease in the Western world (cardiovascular diseases) should be a no-brainer aboard a 200 million dollar aircraft. People are helpless at 30,000 feet and it's the airlines' responsibility to have the equipment available for qualified medical professionals who happen to be on board in the event of an emergency. AEDs could even be used by steward/esses who had undergone minimal training.


what is emotion?

1. what is going on about?
  • Security – safe territory and an environment which allows full maturity and development

i dont get at all. is this physical security? i think i've never lacked this?

  • Attention (to give and receive it) – a form of "mental nutrition"

why? what for? discourse i can grok. if there is no discourse then why? for what?

  • Sense of autonomy and control – having volition to make responsible choices

i strongly believe in this. sense only. i give up about real autonomy and control already.

  • Being emotionally connected to others

no idea what this is.

  • Feeling part of a wider community

i start by assuming i don't belong

  • Friendship and intimacy with someone who is accepting of the total person, flaws included

yea, i don't mind much i guess? but i can only kill time with discourse...

  • Privacy – opportunity to reflect and consolidate experience

i find this important. at least the sense of it. real one i also give up already.

  • Sense of status within social groupings

i assume none

  • Sense of competence and achievement

i assume none

  • Meaning and purpose

have given up

2. or am i suppose to follow this script somehow?

3. no shit..whats my script?

4. ???

wonder if can 'view source' in this
looks really nice.

probably nice than

but why must login to inky account? maybe should do instead..and yea, inbox2 doesn't need some cloudy login.
but i don't use inbox2 'cos cant view source and it doesn't enum all imap folders. wtf.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

suddenly i gave a thought to, did i miss some good movie this year?

after i saw Hobbit at lido11 a couple of days ago..

stuff i think might've been good..
1. ruby sparks
2. cloud atlas
3. dredd
4. pitch perfect
5. searching for sugar man
6. argo
7. moonrise kingdom
8. holy motors
9. chronicle
10. and perhaps looper, but it could be just a poor imitation of primer

back to hobbit. comparing Hobbit imax+3d+hfr to LOTR(or my memory/impression of it) is a bit like comparing a color ansel adams to a caspar david friedrich.

or in more detail and more relevant to film making...

When you shoot film @ 24 fps, the photographic shutter does not stay open the whole 1/24 sec. time, because that will be too much motion blur and also too much exposure at, say, F2.8 for the film. Normally film is shot at shutter speeds about 1/50 sec. This means that half of the 1/24 sec. motion is NOT CAPTURED AT ALL. Film creates a stroboscopic effect, and when played back through a projector that displays 1/50 sec. worth of action for 1/24 sec., it looks eerie, artsy. 

For the soap opera look, cheap TV shows are shot with cheap video cameras which do not have light shutters. Shutter is open for the duration of the frame - 1/60 for interlaced NTSC TV. The whole action is captured with motion blur similar to film (film at 1/60 sec. shutter). The playback is absolutely realistic, cheaply realistic.


Most people can see the difference between 240 fps and speeds below that. Some people can perceive differences up to 360 fps. Note that these values are way above the frequencies that we can detect flicker -- around 75 fps.

do the PR thing?

the us airforce just awarded contracts to SpaceX and this is how Lockheed's COO responded...

“You can thrift on cost. You can take cost out of a rocket. But I will guarantee you, in my experience, when you start pulling a lot of costs out of a rocket, your quality and your probability of success in delivering a payload to orbit diminishes.’’

why couldn't the response have been...

"Here at Lockheed, we know just how much is involved in making a successful launch like this and we'd like to congratulate SpaceX. Well done, and we welcome your competition. Ultimately, new competitors push us and advance the market as a whole. Over the course of our 66 consecutive successful missions, we've blah blah blah..." - stolen from
sometimes when i see firms and governments respond to events, i think they should've hired PR firms to shape the message. sometimes i wonder if they should hire PR coaches for senior executives. sometimes i wonder how senior executives get to become senior if they were this lousy at PR. sometimes i wonder if PR firms actually knew what they were doing.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Computer Intrusion and Wiretapping???

 During the hearing, Chaney admitted that from at least November 2010 to October 2011, he hacked into the e-mail accounts of Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Renee Olstead, and others by taking the victims’ e-mail addresses, clicking on the “Forgot your password?” feature, and then re-setting the victims’ passwords by correctly answering their security questions using publicly available information he found by searching the Internet. Once Chaney gained exclusive control of the victims’ e-mail accounts, he was able to access all of their e-mail boxes. While in the accounts, Chaney also went through their contact lists to find e-mail addresses of potential new hacking targets.

That is not a 'hack', just a mail service with terrible design. 

i thought we're past fly-bys?

Given that landed on 433 Eros.

and landed on 25143 Itokawa and came back with samples..

and actually was flying by since some time ago..

what is so special about ???

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Keiser Report: Too Big To Jail (E379) by RussiaToday

This emailbox thing could be interesting..
Emailbox acts as a nifty permissions layer between 3rd party Apps and your email data, protecting your privacy and security.

 a demo..Easily create public links for your email attachments

separately, there's something unrelated called mailbox..
which looks fairly nice, and is made by these people
whose todo list also looks fairly nice..
and  i'd like to know what does...
while actually sounds fairly interesting..

saucelabs Free!

free for Free projects..

and 2 interesting services to lookup contacts with...

and er, about the goldman sachs report about ms, as referred in , i wonder what they smoking at goldman sachs. ms is the biggest firm in desktop. and huge in servers. its also huge on consoles. and sizeable in embedded. perhaps terrible at mobile phones/tablets. and i suspect they're growing in all areas.
and mobile phones/tablets is only 15% of web usage. i.e. far more people use desktops than phones/tablets to access the internet.
and phones and tablets are full of 99 cent stuff while desktops and servers are full of Office, Exchange, Sharepoint and CALs that cost real money.
and if what on earth is a 'computing device'? graphing calculators? how come 'compute' is not weighted but instead counted per-device?
if we're gonna count per-device instead of weighted compute, where is wind river systems(vxworks)?
also, if we're going to count Google as an OS vendor, then lets add all the *ixes, because what is Android but AOSP with a brand name? and AOSP is just another *ix.

you really shouldnt let sales people talk about technical products

Authy excited about their new feature:

And the responses at
spindritf 10 hours ago | link

I may be dense but if you back up the tokens and protect that online backup with a password, don't you eliminate the second factor?Now the attacker just needs to get two passwords (to the backup at Authy and to whatever account) so it's reduced to just something you (may) know.
danielpal 10 hours ago | link

Not at all. The attacker would need to get the encryption key and also access to the Authy Backup. Then they also need the password for your account. That said, backups are optional, you can skip them and your account will remain on your phone only.reply
Firehed 10 hours ago | link

How are you encrypting the backups? You recommend a passcode of at least 8 characters, which is only 64 bits. Are you at least running it through some sort of key strengthening algorithm like PBKDF2 to generate the actual encryption key?reply
danielpal 5 hours ago | link

My mistake we are using PBKDF2 already on both iOS and Android.One of the developers added PBKDF2 while doing the implementation. I didn't know exactly how they had implemented the encryption - so I asked to clarify.
So to be completely clear:
1. We use a 256 bit key derived using a salt and PBKDF2.
2. AES is used in CBC mode with a different IV for each account.
3. The key is store on the cellphone only and is never transmitted
danielpal 10 hours ago | link

We're not using PBKDF2. Were using AES-256, we pad the extra bits and use a random IV for each account. However you can enter a 32 character encryption key and you will get a full 256 bit key for encryption.reply
Firehed 10 hours ago | link

Ok, please don't take this the wrong way, but you guys don't seem to know enough about security to be running this kind of service. Being able to access your MFA token from multiple devices defeats the purpose of it being a second factor (since it's must exist only in a single place to be "something you have"), and now you're recommending a backup passcode with less security than WPA2 - a passcode to a backup that by definition should not be allowed to exist.It's bad enough that Google's TOTP keys are too short (80 bits, below the required 128 and recommended 160+), especially given the clarity of the spec and the size of their organization, nevermind being the first large-scale rollout. It's also unfortunate that they half-assed their Authenticator app, which hasn't seen an update in over two years. At least they've had the good sense to improve the workflow of regenerating a token for a new device.I appreciate the problem you're trying to solve and am aware that there tends to be a lot of headache in additional security, but doing this kind of thing provides a false sense of security if not outright lowering the security of what already existed. If I can get access to my MFA tokens by typing in a password, then it's a knowledge factor and not a possession factor. That's one-factor auth with two passwords, like the "security" questions on many banks.
dcu 5 hours ago | link

You don't access the token from multiple devices, just one(your phone).Google's secret keys are weak but Authy's ones are 256 bits.And finally, Daniel was wrong about the key derivation, we are actually using PBKDF2. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
danielpal 9 hours ago | link

We were limited by Google Authenticator usage, so yes, backups are absolutely awful, but it was the only way we saw fit in case you had to upgrade/lost your phone.Now our service Authy and it's Tokens are completely different. If you sign-up to and use our Tokens, those are:
1. Full 256 bits secret seeds.
2. They are never backed-up.
3. Guaranteed to only exist on 1 phone at any given time.
4. We not only regenerate new tokens for new device, we also allow 1 click remote reset of the device tokens.
5. We have a huge number of improvements over Google Authenticator.
7. Tokens are not 6 but 7 digits long.
This version added support for legacy Authenticator Tokens. The existing Authy tokens like CloudFlare, DNSimple etc are not limited to the Google Authenticator addon.
beala 9 hours ago | link

PBKDF2 is a key strengthening algorithm, used to generate a key from a shared secret. AES is a block cipher. I'm not a security expert, but simply padding out the password to the right number of bits seems like a huge no-no. Instead, you should be generating a key of the correct length using something like PBKDF2.Everything I've learned about encryption, I've learned from cperciva. This presentation in particular might be worth your time:
This in particular: "DO: Avoid using passwords whenever possible. DO: Use a key derivation function to convert passwords into keys as soon as possible. DO: Use PBKDF2 if you want to be buzzword-compliant. DO: Use scrypt if you want to be ≈ 2^8 times more secure against serious attackers."
X-Istence 6 hours ago | link

I was looking at Authy, thinking may it could be part of a solution to a problem I was looking to solve for a customer, but this comment right here shows that you and or your company has absolutely no idea what you are doing with crypto and or how to implement it securely and safely.:-(
blake8086 10 hours ago | link

You know those aren't even the same kind of thing, right?reply

if it were a problem, they'd something about it by now?

An open source project originally designed to provide the University of Michigan with a secure single sign-on web authentication system. cosign is part of the National Science Foundation Middleware Initiative (NMI) EDIT software release

JOSSO is an Open Source Internet SSO solution for rapid and standards-based (SAML) Internet-scale Single Sign-On implementations, allowing secure Internet access to the Web-based applications or services of customers, suppliers, and business partners.

OpenIAM is the most comprehensive Identity and Access Management solution based on a professional open source model.

SEU is not just a distributed identity management system.
The purpose of SEU is:
  1. Having a single, centralized repository of identities that have access to our system, whether individuals, organizations or automated devices.
  2. Manage authorizations each entity has different information systems organization.
  3. Monitor the use made of the identities, tracking the active sessions, and recording login and logout events.
  4. Maintain, if desired, a single user and password on all systems, avoiding the need for requiring users to remember multiple credentials.
  5. Alternatively, you can maintain different users and passwords on different managed systems and allow the desktop module to identifies the user's behalf.
  6. Perform real single sign on, either enterprise (client based) or web single sign-on.

separately, this stuff is damn amusing...

The Making of Defiance Chapter 1: A Transmedia Revolution by DefianceUniverse

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Move yourself into group A

because he's 85 and he learned to code.

about that group A...

sparkleshare just hit 1.0

and then i saw they're hosted on 6sync, who helpfully provided this comparison..

well, then we need 2 tiers of customers.

i saw that and my reaction was
1. how long was it down? whats the SLA? is it 99.5? 99.5 is around 8.5 hours a year - have they gone over?
2. internet and servers is NOT like electricity. wtf she talking about?

and then i recall a conversation between colleagues about offering 24x7 support. Apparently at one of his previous workplaces, they used to offer 24x7 support. Except it cost 3 times as much as 'office hours' support, simply because they needed 3 times the staffing. And eventually they stopped offerring because too few customers signed up for it to even justify the admin costs of keeping that as an option.

In short, what yammer needs to do so satisfy the likes of her is to offer
1. the usual
2. a 99.999% uptime SLA version of their service , run on totally separate resources. And bill accordingly.

I suspect very much they'll go back to 99.5 sooner rather than later.

There is NO paradox of choice!

Need to record this down for posterity:

The psychologist Barry Schwartz‘s book The Paradox of Choice (here’s his TED talk on the topic) was, for me at least, very persuasive. It made a compelling if counterintuitive argument: even though many people (economists especially) argue that more choice is almost always a good thing, Schwartz argued that too much choice is actually a bad thing, causing decision paralysis and unhappiness. That’s a simplistic rendering of Schwartz’s argument — there’s an obvious difference between having a lot of political candidates to choose from in an election and having a lot of flavors of jam to choose from in a supermarket — but that’s the gist.
Here’s how Schwartz describes the very memorable jam study, by the psychologists Mark Lepper and Sheena Iyengar:
When researchers set up [in a gourmet food store] a display featuring a line of exotic, high-quality jams, customers who came by could taste samples, and they were given a coupon for a dollar off if they bought a jar. In one condition of the study, 6 varieties of the jam were available for tasting. In another, 24 varieties were available. In either case, the entire set of 24 varieties was available for purchase. The large array of jams attracted more people to the table than the small array, though in both cases people tasted about the same number of jams on average. When it came to buying, however, a huge difference became evident. Thirty percent of the people exposed to the small array of jams actually bought a jar; only 3 percent of those exposed to the large array of jams did so.
Perhaps this result simply confirmed my personal bias, but it did resonate with me, and I often think of the jam experiment when I venture into a store — and, also often, promptly walk out without buying anything if the choice set is too large.
So it was a bit surprising to read Tim Harford‘s column here, in the Financial Times, which argues that the “paradox of choice” may not be real at all. Harford builds his case on both the profit-maximizing behavior of real firms as well as continuing research in the field:
It is hard to find much evidence that retailers are ferociously simplifying their offerings in an effort to boost sales. Starbucks boasts about its “87,000 drink combinations”; supermarkets are packed with options. This suggests that “choice demotivates” is not a universal human truth, but an effect that emerges under special circumstances.
Benjamin Scheibehenne, a psychologist at the University of Basel, was thinking along these lines when he decided (with Peter Todd and, later, Rainer Greifeneder) to design a range of experiments to figure out when choice demotivates, and when it does not.
But a curious thing happened almost immediately. They began by trying to replicate some classic experiments — such as the jam study, and a similar one with luxury chocolates. They couldn’t find any sign of the “choice is bad” effect. Neither the original Lepper-Iyengar experiments nor the new study appears to be at fault: the results are just different and we don’t know why.
After designing 10 different experiments in which participants were asked to make a choice, and finding very little evidence that variety caused any problems, Scheibehenne and his colleagues tried to assemble all the studies, published and unpublished, of the effect.
The average of all these studies suggests that offering lots of extra choices seems to make no important difference either way. There seem to be circumstances where choice is counterproductive but, despite looking hard for them, we don’t yet know much about what they are. Overall, says Scheibehenne: “If you did one of these studies tomorrow, the most probable result would be no effect.” Perhaps choice is not as paradoxical as some psychologists have come to believe. One way or another, we seem to be able to cope with it.
It is of course important to make a distinction between choice and complexity. One reason behind the smart nudge of having new employees at a company be automatically enrolled in a 401(k) plan is that the stack of paperwork and the large, complex set of options will turn some employees off from joining if left to their own devices.
But asking someone who knows nothing about investing to suddenly think about asset allocation, to choose between fixed-income and equity products, between value and growth funds, etc., is a lot more complex than asking her to choose between strawberry jam and marmalade. So even if jam studies of the future prove inconclusive, it still seems wise to streamline choices whose complexity might otherwise hamper a good outcome.
(Hat tip: Marginal Revolution)

around 5 years later

The Samba 4.0 Active Directory Compatible Server was created with help from the official protocol documentation published by Microsoft Corporation and the Samba Team would like acknowledge the documentation help and interoperability testing by Microsoft engineers that made our implementation interoperable.
"Active Directory is a mainstay of enterprise IT environments, and Microsoft is committed to support for interoperability across platforms," said Thomas Pfenning, director of development, Windows Server. "We are pleased that the documentation and interoperability labs that Microsoft has provided have been key in the development of the Samba 4.0 Active Directory functionality."

Samba and the PFIF

Samba Team Receives Microsoft Protocol Documentation

December 20th 2007. Today the Protocol Freedom Information Foundation (PFIF), a non-profit organization created by the Software Freedom Law Center, signed an agreement with Microsoft to receive the protocol documentation needed to fully interoperate with the Microsoft Windows workgroup server products and to make them available to Free Software projects such as Samba. Microsoft was required to make this information available to competitors as part of the European Commission March 24th 2004 Decision in the antitrust lawsuit, after losing their appeal against that decision on September 17th 2007.

what else, if not watchdox?
group chat + file share
teleseminar? how abotu google hangouts?
ok, they're famous. modern day mirc..
very team. very cloudy. very face book. i think.
share. collaborate. tasks.
famous tasks..
i-only doc sharing.
share, collaborate. communicate.
manage portfolios,programmes,projects.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

cloudiness ahead...

watchdox is somewhat nice.
installfree is somewhat nice.
wonder how nice the integration between the 2 will be.
and wonder what happens to standalone free installfree users, since watchdox doesn't do free..

so awesome, i must've seen it before..

in other news, seems to have won some ecs hackathon...

but yea, is awesome!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

aiyo, speak english leh..
what do i get for 1 euro/mth??? why don't they speak english???
how come the incredibly large vps is only us$25/mth???

run your own mightytext/sms from phone via web
android client
GAE server

interesting thing is what to change so that the android client will contact my own GAE server.

overheard on /.

I've heard MS Exchange now delivers almost everything promised for version 5.5 back in 2000 or so. A few more releases and people will stop losing email. If it wasn't for volume shadow copy being introduced by a different group at MS you still wouldn't be able to get full bare metal quality backups of a MS Exchange server without having to shut down all the Exchange services first.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Teaching Entrepreneurship?
The in-game Economics of Ultima Online..
Criticisms of Ultima Online..

A side note this one, Nomic.

2 fairly big problems

1. So he says just GET, don't wait for API access..
but if you're going down this path,there's other stuff to look at, including some stuff that actually reads JS content...

or you could let other people run all of that and offer you services like.. or

by the way, i believe there are laws about web scraping...i can't begin to bend my mind around the idea but i think they exist...maybe having API access is for the better...

2. and elsewhere launched,  which begs a few questions...

Friday, December 7, 2012

Paxman nailed by Plaid Cymru economist by baronsarwarofgovan

Akiko Hamada - Oshare Jigoku by SuperNekoNyaa

Akiko Hamada - Buzama by SuperNekoNyaa

Stereopony Hitohira no hanabira LIVE by RockLoverMusic1

Love Psychedelico - Last Smile by Nc Yip

the brilliant green - Tsumetai Hana / 冷たい花 (Live) by kaitanuba

the brilliant green - There will be love there -愛のある場所- (live) by steventung0925

Every Little Thing - Forever Yours (Acoustic Latte version) by Hexrapper

Every Little Thing - Time goes by by HurinThalion

inuyasha ending 2 full (fukai mori) by ajucgorutsuz

Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening HD sub Romaji / English / Español (JessicaToledo y CHARM) by HynoTech

Air Man ga Taosenai by Hazuke Kaibara

Chiptune compilation: 1000 subscribers (part 1 of 3) by ReclusiveLemming

Nujabes - Modal Soul by moarthanmusic

All That Jazz - あの夏へ by HeartMusicPt2

M. Hisataakaa - 風の通り道 『となりのトトロ』より (feat.Karakuri of A.Y.B Force) by YooSin

The Templar - Path of Exile by grindinggear

PROTODOME - Her #0000ff Eyes... by SoundWaveTrax

PROTODOME - Bitmap_Blues. by SoundWaveTrax

Hello world - PROTODOME by Darkluffy

The Winter Bundle by gamedevtv

Zeno Clash Trailer by ACETeamSoftware

Osmos - Official Trailer [HD] by Games

FEIST trailer by VFHvideo

Spectre IGF Promo HiRes by hantonisse

The Cat Lady - Release Trailer by harvesterindiegames

Bohm gameplay footage by Monobanda

Octodad Official Trailer by DePaulCinema

ENJMIN - PaperPlane - Trailer by Remi Gillig

STEALER by Winged Doom

Thursday, December 6, 2012

it looks good but..

optimally i'll run for myself since its integrated with dd-wrt..i can use a variety of hardware and have much more control and often dd-wrt allows tweaking the hardware for more performance..

failing that i'd try which once upon a time was based on chillispot, which is what hotspotsystem would've been once upon a time too..and they've been doing this exact thing for a long time already and have more hardware to choose from and the hardware looks more flexible too...

yes i just ran across
and my first question was, why must you lock it in to your own hardware? ask the dd-wrt devs to roll your solution into dd-wrt and i might consider running it.
need not even be dd-wrt. openwrt or tomato is ok too. but dd-wrt probably works with the widest range of hardware now.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


for some reason, dashboards are quite a big's another one that talks about stashboard and pingdom and how they're not good enough...
whatever it is it sounds damn powerful...
the machine is fairly interesting , but the OS is unrealistic and ntlm is just too easy...

irc is totally making a comeback...what with and flowdock and recently
and then i see and

an aside.. looks fairly interesting and is free...

why not just use

instead of..

and in fact, whats wrong with if you really needed it behind your own firewall?

more deployment automation!
i think they're big and famous
FOSS also!

plus all da vagrant, foreman, zookeeper, puppet, chef, cfengine, ansible, and juju and more...

and btw, zapier says transactional mail not just for devs..

Monday, December 3, 2012

they look fine enough..
cube 2, actually foss engine..
same game engine
quake engine(Dark Places) based, was nexuiz..
quake engine(ioquake) based..
id tech 2, and got android version..
i really wonder,because i don't play fps, whats the diff between these and quake mods(
multiplayer arena RTS..
at least a dozen games using this engine.including
an alternative, was originally released commercially
need for speed?
truck version..
i enjoyed master of orion!
a more involved version?
i might still enjoy Diablo 1...
better than old Age Of Empires?
civ 2?
or simcity 2/3000?
i'm not really understaning why morrowind needs a foss version..for me, morrowind is already plenty moddable..what exactly is the problem? and
from the blender foundation or have some association with it;sintel looks a little undeveloped still but yo!frankie! looks finished..

unfortunately and
are multiplayer only.. planeshift looks a bit more dated.. but ryzom does paid subscriptions...oh well...

of the entire lot, it looks to me like the FPS stuff look the most modern. 
maybe its idtech..but the cube engine looks even better?
actually,in fact,given how much like a FPS is something like oblivion/skyrim/fallout/newvegas, why not something like openmw but based on something like cube2? wouldn't that give us a foss skyrim alternative? hopefully with more total conversions than spring and as many mods as the current morrowind/oblivion/skyrim/fallout/newvegas.....

Sunday, December 2, 2012

it looks damn nice!

although even reading the review i got no idea what it does...
but they asked for 50k and got 200!

i having difficulty bending my mind around exchange+outlook

in my existing schema, if any mail is sent, its done via smtp. after it gets dropped into a mailbox, then u can use imap or pop to read it. thats about it. if u want webmail, it too, reads mail from a imap or pop mailbox, like any other mail client. all so simple n straightforward.

now got mapi, activesync, exchange activesync, exchange web services which all not the same? i'd imagined that ms went thru all that jazz to let people setup their mail accounts more easily?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alternative Economy: Patronage

one limitation is , to convince people to help you fund your project, you usually need some sort of proof that the project will get done. and usually its a track record(doublefine and inxile i think a bit more famous; but if u check the rest out, i'm quote sure everyone of them have previous experience in the gaming industry).

or produce a short playable demo.
or at least videos of what the gameplay should be like

and this guy pledged circa us$7k, and paid ~us$2.2k thus far..i think its very interesting stuff...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

aiyoh, why dun they use a allwinner a10?
why raspi? why? i'm almost ready to mess around with a a10 tablet...