Friday, November 11, 2011

remember the XA and OM?

apparently its every where now, how Olympus is in deep shit, maybe gonna get delisted and so on so forth.

But i'm just wondering. a little.

The world's biggest endoscope maker and major medical optics supplier, and major camera maker, inventors of the 4/3rds mount, purveyors of the PENs. This is not a firm that looks like its in trouble, from the consumer point of view(hey i got an EP-1! and had a ee a long time ago..).

If its making money as an ongoing concern, i can only express thanks to the group of people who hid those losses for the last 20 years so that Olympus survived as a company invent the 4/3rds mount and do the 2nd coming of the PENs..

I mean, so Olympus would now probably be forced to declare it actually has less money than it said it had. But i fail to see how it affects the business end.

So shareholders are spooked. And lenders might think twice about accepting Olympus' word about its financial status.

But Olympus still makes great products. And the only thing i'm curious about is:

Do they make money for Olympus?

If they do, then Olympus should just continue making great products and earn its way out of the hole that it dug more than 20 years ago. If they don't, then i'm just sad that making great products don't mean much about the viability of a firm. And sadder still at the loss of yet another camera maker.

A reminder to all..when oly was making the original PENs , Sony didn't even exist yet.