Monday, October 17, 2011


rsync is on readynas. on pronas. on nexenta. and many other linux machines.

rsync is the best thing that ever happened to sync. nothing else will sync only the changed parts of the file - for free. but for it to work properly both sides must have suitable filesystem. thus its not so straight forward when u want to use it on windows.

there's a couple of solutions
1. cwrsync. basically rsync on cygwin. works. but command line only. so u have to script it yourself.
2. deltacopy. gui implementation.
3. syncrify (by the same people who did deltacopy). this is a commercial, non open source thing. this is also not rsync. they say it works like rsync, but doesnt use cygwin and transports over port 80. simple to setup a server and then add clients. free for 1 non-commercial user. does not connect to existing rsync servers/clients.
4. yintersync.

there are clients that u install. they can be syncced to and from the server.
and then u can add 'remote storage' to the server. these are rsync servers, connected either directly via rsync or via ssh. and then u can sync the clients to and from these remote locations.
basically the yintersync server works 1/2 like a backup target, 1/2 like a control panel for rsync jobs. with reporting.