Thursday, May 12, 2011

how can u say u contactable by phone if ur phone no sim card?

A. SuckerX was asked :

1. information we require (now) from either Pissed and Customer

2. preparatory work by Pissed for this POC - btw client to be installed should be trial version

3. preparatory work by Customer for this POC

B.Sucker X answered :

1. info for all..

i. need to know what user acc on staging that Pissed can use. and need a pair of keys associated with that account to be sent to Pissed.
i have to update Pissed script with this.

ii. need to know what user acc on backend that staging can use. and need to send public key associated with that acc to backend.
staging scripts need to be updated with this.

iii. now i am assuming i am going to transfer everything inside "transfers" folder at Pissed to staging's "transfers" folder and then to backend's "transfers" folder.

archives at Pissed.
deletes instead of archiving at staging but still have log
and Pissed does not wait for the success of the transfer between staging and backend - assumes success once files have been transferred between Pissed and staging.

iv. need to know what to CALL on backend at the end of the scp from staging - what is the script to run on backend to do the decryption?
note everything called on backend from staging also has full path - may need to change.

v. note that all the cmd-like functions like "find" and "ping" have full paths on staging and backend scripts. may need to change if its not c:\windows\system32.

2. a machine with windows that can go internet to be the client.

3. staging must be accessible from outside via 1022. backend must be accessible from staging via 1022. the accounts mentioned in 1 and 2 must be able to execute batch files and call stuff like find and ping and can read/delete files in the folders that are involved (transfers and logs)..

C. it was condensed into (email from Sucker to Pissed and Customer) :

Hello All,

Info & Pre POC preparation from Customer
Customer - user acc on staging (Server B) and backend (Server c) - contact my colleague SuckerB (1234567) for clarification, alternatively this user account can be created when SuckerB is onsite.

Customer - are you able to share with us how the decryption process will be triggered? My colleague SuckerA need this info for the script/batch, he can be contacted at the same support number 1234567

Current rsit port is 1022 - necessary access from outside and from staging (server B) to backend (server C)

Key generation and exchange for all parties will be done on site.

1. as discussed during meeting, Customer will need IP for firewall rules
2. preparation of some sample files for this POC.

We also need the folder structure - who will provide. Would be good to have same folder structure and naming throughout i.e. Pissed server, Customer server B and C.

If you need further clarification pls contact us.

D. this is what happened (email from Pissed):

Hi all,

Update: Today’s installation did not complete as many issues were encountered.

Sucker team came over to Pissed at 2:30pm. They setup our client PC within 15 min.

Then we were informed that Sucker team at Customer had to install the program into a new machine, the staging server – this took about an hour to be done with.

Thereafter, we couldn’t get hold of a Customer Public IP as network admin person is not around.

But when we finally gotten the Public IP some time later, there were some issues with the firewall.

At 5:00pm, we’ve decided to call of this installation as we do not know how long more it takes to resolve the firewall issue.

We will need to reschedule a session for another round of installation after confirming all the required hardware and resources.


Hi Sucker,

Can you verify with the Customer’s IT personnel on the availability of the required hardware before we fix another date for another round of installation.