Thursday, February 17, 2011

what a swap

why the hell would nokia swap smartphone OS with maybe 1/3 of the market for one that has less than 5%? its probably true that Nokia let slip their smartphoen market share from almost all to the just 1/3 now. but windows mobile was never even a shadow of a hint of a doubt of big the way nokia was big and google and apple now are.

before, in the enterprise market, there was rim, nokia e-series, and winmo. maybe winmo was big in the usa. but surely the e-series was huge in europe? perhaps not as huge in the way rim is in the usa, but surely more consequential than winmo?

and then what about cheaper phones? symbian is a real phone os. win phone 7 is not going to run on a 200mhz chip. nokia is going to give up its position as the world's biggest phone maker as well?

and whats more, look at it this is a firm with 3 parts.
1. normal phone maker
2. smart phone maker
3. network equipment maker

1. is the undisputed world leader now, and is profitable. and they are going to kill the os that it uses. what will happen to it?
2. was huge, but it failed to grow while its new competitors recorded explosive growth, and it lost leadership. but it still rolls in the most profits among the 3. yet they think its a problem, and their solution is to throw away their own os that still runs on almost 1/3 of smartphones shipped, for one that currently runs on less than 5% of them.
3. is equally big, and doesnt make any money. they're not going to do anything about it. interesting.

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