Wednesday, June 23, 2010

must see! must watch!

1. must see! pin-ups in full detail!!!

2. must watch! whats wrong with patents now...(now now, patents are only for what? 5 yrs? copyrights are like 99yrs or more..that seems to be an even bigger problem to me..)

3. good stuff ~1. openVBX...but u gotta sign up for a free account.

4. good stuff ~2. ocarina embedded..when will it be embedded on the hdd directly?

5. good stuff ~3. samsung beam. 1800mah batt on 800mhz cpu - it'll last nearly forever if u don't use the projector...

meego looks great!

just a few days ago seamicro put 512 atom cores on 1 we got thats left is for them to make a lamp stack to run on it..

just a point to x25m is about us$200...

nice, meego. looks like it could be a good contest between it and android for tablets, if only they can get traction..which looks like 'no'.

and then back to copyright...the issue with the current state of affairs with the content producers sueing everyone in sight seems to be that they haven't found a business model to make money now that they don't have to distribute physical copies of their output anymore...its not like people are not willing to pay at all....

finally, take a read and laugh...

Monday, June 21, 2010

because, u know, before copyright was invented..

nobody wrote anything or did any art..and nothing was invented before patents were invented, you know? and also, of course open source and creative commons don't exist except in your imagination.

ars technica on the effect of filesharing on society..

pff on the same topic...

anyway, this opscode stuff sounds pretty cool...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

iPad! proxy! flash!

more about the at&t ipad leak.

and..a new at&t leak with the new iphone?

dunno why i came across this. supposedly more interesting than squid.

and what the inquirer thinks of jobs' antagonism with adobe/flash...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

it came back today!


2. sounds great. as they say...There's not much not to like in spamd.

3. old news, but just came to my attention again, as google is now talking about "chromoting"...

4. Must Read! steven pinker on technology and intelligence.

5. looks damn cool...

6. and finally, about that 'retina' display of the iphone 4...its about what squeezing a bigger resolution onto a smaller screen then?

LG-LU1400 800x480 on 2.8in = 333PPI! more than the iphone4(326PPI)!!!...

Toshiba Portege G900 800x480 on 3in = 313PPI... , and both this and the LG are not new...while the LG is a dumb phone with its only outstanding feature a TV-tuner, the G900 is a passable smart phone. runs winmo 6 on a 512mhz chip.

i think the point is that PPI has not been very interesting at all. and i think is still not.

Monday, June 7, 2010

i'm happy that my phone can play 800x450 xvid clips just fine. for now.

Penny Arcade eXpo has strict rules about booth babes...6000+ visitors to their forum respond on a poll about their ban on booth babes...

a comparison of the iphone 4 vs its android competition at the top end. "adobe flash - never."

office is now live on skydrive!

soon we can email our printer to print across the internet...but its going to print the email? the attachment? hmm..

a good article about android fragmentation...

and finally, spot the satelites above!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

absolutely nothing to do with transformers

"Simply put, people (including professional lie-catchers with extensive experience of assessing veracity) would achieve similar hit rates if they flipped a coin,"

so what has the USA been doing? will wikileaks reveal?

"Straightforward legal blackmail"

google is talking up their security...

local media should watch this...

similiarly, another impressive idea, textbook rentals...

how cheap! a compaq cq62z!

do the schools use any of these?
















16. warriors of the net

Saturday, June 5, 2010

HTC Desire

well then, i've been using my new phone for about a week now.

its a HTC Desire.

my main issue with it is still its capacitive screen. well, its more sensitive and all that. very nice for interacting with big icons and all. but inferior to a good resistive screen for typing. especially if you got long fingernails.

long fingernails means that you could be very precise as to what you are pressing on a resistive screen. while the same fingernails make it extremely hard to use a capacitive screen. moreover, you simply cannot get the same level of precision on a capacitive screen - i think thats why the HTCs and BBs all have a physical trackball - to put the cursor behind the exact letter/comma/number so that you can backspace from there. thats hard to do even after i trimmed my nails.

moreover, my old LG had a physical qwerty keyboard which makes it even better - if fingernails fail, i could use the 5 row qwerty with direction keys and physical numeric keys.

other than that the Desire has been a good thing.

i have yxplayer installed so that i can play divx and xvid clips like i used to. i could probably get better resolution on my clips given the extra horsepower, but i'm still on my previous batch of converted clips. and they play and look just fine.

the screen is bigger 3.7 vs 3.0 in. and has more colours too. 16m vs 256k. if i'm not wrong.

i'm still using bsoft monitor and ebuddy as before.

the built-in mail is ok..i've separated my gmail from my work mail now...they used to be accessed from the same mobile mail app when i was using the LG..its fuller featured mail now that it hasnt been passed thru a mobile mail server...i think.....

the HTC friend stream thing allows me to read/post comments on the phone, which is a step up from the LG..though i suppose i would have found an app to do that anyway, if i were more keen on facebook...i'm not...

there is still nothing to beat RssQ with its ability to import opml files...though the HTC newsreader's ability to search for feeds is still not bad...

finally, all that extra computing power is really for the eye candy i suppose...the HTC weather app and its animations are pretty cool...and android 2.1's support for Live Wallpapers is nicely showed off too...

and i get to use flyscreen as well...

p.s. although i get to use juicedefender now..battery life is still noticeably shorter than before..after all the htc has a more powerful chip, bigger and more colourful screen and a smaller battery than the LG...