Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

From Slashdot today...

Somebody clogged the tubes.

See, IPv4 is like a 1/2" tube, and IPv6 is like a 3/4" tube. IPv4 is smaller with a higher pressure, and so works faster, but moves less internet overall. IPv6 is better if you have a higher pressure internet, as it can move a greater volume but only if you support it. Lots of people are trying to squeeze their devices onto the intertubes, so the pressure of all of those electrons is really high. This clogs IPv4, freezes the electrons, and causes the web to burst.

So support IPv6! And don't forget to winterize your internets.

and about Apple's revenue breakdown...they're almost as big as microsoft now... only thing is, will Google do to the iPhone OS what MS did to the Mac OS?

Friday, April 23, 2010

email, gmail, google...

just to know about.
i don't know if xobni or any others do it,
but i thought plaxo had quite a good (but hard to sell) idea.
its similiar to facebook in a way.

i can subscribe to you.
then when you change your contact information,
i get updated.
but they had a dubious past.
and they are dubious to me now..there is no sign of pricing anywhere on their website, even as they ask you to sign up for the premium version!
meanwhile, yahoo mail has a similar function..

gist and threadbox(nee cc:betty) also do email organization...i think they may be quite similar to xobni.

meanwhile, i think the free rapportive chrome extension for gmail is quite cool as it is now - it turns up the facebook/linkedin/blahblahblah info of the people who email you...although i've gone back to ff after 3.6 was out...

meanwhile...some stuff about Google...

its been building high speed broadband and providing public wifi all over the place for free in the usa...
it builds its own switches(20gbe???)..
it's laid its own underwater cables...
it ran 36 datacenters all over the globe as of 2008..
its rumuoured that the chips it buys from intel are supposed to be guaranteed to run 5 degress hotter than standard(they even had a scheme to load balance machines to reduce operating temperatures and not use air con at all)...
and with those chips it runs more than 1000000 servers..serving about 2% of the world's total internet traffic...
its already the world's 4th biggest server manufacturer actually..
and it just bought a tiny chip firm and the rumour is that it wants to make its own server chips...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How can we let these fools run the internet???

its with resignation that i talk about this.
there'd been a series of ads in singapore some time ago, that were exhorting
"its not sharing, its stealing!"
the problem of course, is that file-sharing in itself is nothing wrong. except that as everybody knows, most file sharing is sharing copyrighted material. which results in copyright violation. which is NOT stealing.
theft requires me to take what you own and deprive you of it. zero sum game.
copyright violation means i have violated your monopoly distribution rights on art, and may have deprived you of your monopoly profits. but at no time are you deprived of your art.
its the difference between taking your book and copying the words in your book. you can still read the book after its contents have been copied.
that is not theft. in most jurisdictions, theft is a criminal activity that will set the police after you and end you up in jail if you'd been proven guilty of it, whereas copyright violation simply means that the copyright holder has to sue you for the financial damages he'd incurred.

although that letter came from the UK government, i won't be surprised that my government, or for that matter any government, also has a tech literacy level about as high as that.
its a sad state of the world that we're letting fools run it for the most part.

the letter came from this blog post : , do read it from there.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I was there maybe at around 2 hours...

From betanews...

Popular third party mobile Web browser Skyfire posted an announcement last week that it would be opening up alpha testing for its forthcoming Webkit-based Android browser. Within one hour of making the announcement, over 3,000 people contacted Skyfire to get in on the test. The alpha team, unfortunately, is only going to be 30 testers.

So today, Skyfire's Jeff Glueck addressed the undoubtedly huge interest swelling around the new Skyfire product, and talked about why Android development has superseded development on the BlackBerry platform.

"We decided to place Android development ahead of Blackberry a few months ago," Glueck said. "We see Android as a fast-rising ecosystem, with a rich, totally open developer environment, a healthy app market and a healthy advertising and search ecosystem. The Android OS has a tremendous amount of interest from handset makers and carriers, and also has a strong need for making the explosion of video more network optimized (Skyfire's wheelhouse)."

By comparison, BlackBerry's developer environment is weak.

"The APIs are fragmented and inconsistent, and the Java virtual machine Blackberry requires is not efficient," Glueck remarked. "While Blackberry users are desperate for a better browser - we know, and we hear them - we only want to bring out something that meets our high standards and is truly great."

Besides, Research in Motion has been working on improving BlackBerry's browser since it acquired Torch Mobile in late 2009. When BlackBerry OS 6.0 comes out later this year, it is expected to have a new Webkit browser that is a result of this acquisition. At Mobile World Congress this year, RIM showed off an early version of this new browser that supports HTML5, CSS3, DOM L3, and server-side assistance for HTML and text which helps it score 100/100 on the famous Acid3 browser compliance test. It looks extremely promising.

meanwhile, skyfire's course of action is quite amusing because BB are undeniably BIG...while the iPhone's marketshare has actually dropped, BB is solidly forging ahead..


Recently I've found this app called WhereBlogger! while searching simply for something to update my usual personal blog at blogger. WhereBlogger! works for that purpose, but it has one major function that none of the others I've tried have(e.g.androblog) - it adds a link at the end of every post that goes to a map that marks your location.

One minor issue is the developer has organised the whole app from the point of view of one taking a journey. That makes alot of sense - one could want to blog along the trip, updating on points of interest as one goes along. However, I feel that it could be more useful than that. One could be blogging about the restaurant one were dining at right at the end of the meal - with one's appreciation of the food and the location of the restaurant. Or one could have this irresistible urge to complain about something..maybe a traffic jam..and the blog post can automatically mark out on the map where the jam occured.

I tried it out with my blog at , and it worked. But one could tell from the content of that post that this app could equally be apt(or perhaps even more so) for a sms, im or facebook update tool.

Anyway, besides Blogger the tool works for Drupal, Movable Type, Typepad and Wordpress; and the developer's website is here :

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SpamTitan is an award-winning Free-BSD based spam filter that I've been looking into recently. Basically, besides the features that almost all good anti spam technologies will have, what it does that is different from the crowd would be that it provides every user with a individual spam digest or summary - everybody else gives you an aggregated digest.
We've run VMs for it for up to 400-user organisations, and thus far, its been performing excellently. no issues whatsoever.
Essentially what does is to run SpamTitan as a service rather than selling it as a hardware spam gateway or a VM. Subscribers to this service edit their MX records so that the SpamServe gateway is the top of the priority list, and provide with their incoming mail server address( so that the de-spammed mails can be forwarded there. Thats all.
It costs sg$2/user/month, and one month's usage is free. If the subscriber has less than 50 users, they just go ahead and change their MX records and tell they want to try. When turns their service on, it just works..and will send them a Paypal bill for the next 11 months. If they pay the Paypal bill, then the service just continues, and if they don't want to continue with the service/trial, they just ignore the bill and revert their MX records. Nothing could be simpler.
If the subscriber has more than 50 users, then they will have to pay the 11 month bill first, before will turn on their service. Again, they get 12 months' service - 1 month is free. The idea is that for trials, the number of users is limited to 50 max.
MX records are part of the DNS records of any domain, stored at wherever the domain is parked(godaddy? enom?), for the purposes of knowing where mail for any particular domain is supposed to go. Its presented as a priority list with the smallest numbers given higher priority. So the idea is that the subscriber should add the gateway's address to that list and give it a priority with a smaller number than the current incoming mailserver. And then mails will automatically go to first to be filtered of spam, then will forward the mail back to the incoming mailserver provided to them.
Visit to take a look.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Videos on Android

First off, there is no divx or xvid support in/on android. the os can only play 3gp and h264, i think. and every single video player out(bar 1, i'll come to them later) there is only calling the relevant OS functions to play the videos. So, if you are picking up a video player out of the at least a dozen or so choices, its all about useability. For example, i am using mvideoplayer simply because it works, shows me a list of files, highlights the one i played previously and it resumes from the point i last stopped within the clip. it also sticks to landscape view, at least with my 480x270 and 420x320 clips - which i like, i don't want the pause while the phone switches orientation..

I have , however encoded my 480x270 videos in divx 5.0. which the LG GW620 plays perfectly fine. And thats because divx and xvid support is baked-in by LG. There are a few phones that have extra functionality baked-in by the phone makers..for example all the samsung's i'd been considering to buy also support xvid and divx, while none of the phones running standard android will. in fact, while HTC heavily modifies android for their phones, they too, do not bake in dixv or xvid support - they feel that customising the interface is more important. So, with this LG, i wouldn't want to switch to other versions of android on a the cyanogen mods or eclair/froyo...even if i could(which now i can't, since the android community for LG phones is still tiny and there isn't as much community around them as the HTC stuff) - i may lose that divx and xvid support - i don't know if the app can be backed up(and restored) with the divx and xvid codecs intact.

But theres one exception to this rule, and thats yxflash. i don't know how they do it, but yxflash claims to be able to play divx and xvid files. I've never used it since its a paid app and my LG can already play divx and xvid clips..but heres the link..

p.s. from my experimentation, i have also encoded my videos so that the longest side is under the length of the phone's screen resolution. i.e. the phone is 480x320, i do 480x270..or 420x320...and i also turned off the anti-skip encoding function while transcoding - the results cannot be played on my phone - a simple direct no frills divx 5.0 encoding works just fine. I'm using all2avi, from: